About Nathan Gwilliam

Nathan Gwilliam has always believed that, at its core, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about people, their love, and their efforts to become better than they were the day before.

While serving as a missionary in Brazil, Nathan further developed his deep love for people through their examples of humanity and service towards God and others around them. During this time, he heard amazing stories of people’s conversion to Christ that further strengthened his faith and testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Church.

In the years since his mission, Nathan has had many more opportunities to meet new people and hear their stories of how they came closer to Christ. These inspiring conversion stories have helped fuel his own testimony and conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Hoping to widely share the faith-affirming power of such diverse testimonies, Nathan launched the Why We Believe show. By providing a platform for faithful Latter-Day Saints to share their conversion stories and testimonies.

Nathan lives in Rexburg, Idaho, with his loving wife, Crystal. He is the proud father of three amazing daughters and one equally amazing son-in-law. 

About The Show

Why do we believe? What inspires faith, testimony, and conversion in members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Dive into the personal conversion stories behind faithful members of the Church. 

Join Nathan Gwilliam, host, and member of His Church, as he sits down with guests of unique backgrounds and perspectives to discuss the deeply personal and spiritual journeys that led them to embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ and why they believe in His Church. 

Through one-on-one interviews, hear first-hand accounts of the life-changing conversion stories and events that ignited and solidified these members' beliefs and personal testimonies. Gain powerful insights into the many unique paths that lead to faith and discover what continues to feed their dedication year after year. 

Join us each week for inspiring stories from faithful Latter-Day Saints and hear Why We Believe.