Posted on Jun 07, 2024

Finding God in the Details of Our Lives With Donald Kelly

Finding God in the Details of Our Lives With Donald Kelly

In a recent episode of Why We Believe, I sat down with our guest for this week, Donald Kelly. Donald is a renowned sales and podcasting expert. He founded The Sales Evangelist, a company dedicated to helping B2B salespeople reach their full potential. Donald has been a keynote speaker at numerous events and has received multiple awards for his work in the sales industry.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Donald is a man of faith who has served in various roles within the Church. This week, Donald shares the story of why he believes. Finding God in the details of our lives, even amidst adversity, is one of the focuses of Donald’s life. As we explore Donald's story, we'll see how his experiences have shaped his belief that God is intimately involved in our lives and that with Him, every problem has a solution. Though our lives are busy and complicated, in the end, nothing is impossible with God.

Finding God 

We are all in different places in our lives. God will reveal himself in the lives of those who seek him. Donald has seen this throughout his life. Family, friends, and miracles that have helped his family stay together through the trials have been a huge testament to this. God has an active role in his life.

Donald learned about the Church because of the scouting program. He was too old to participate, but his friend then told him about the Church’s Young Men’s program, and he was excited to be a part of that. Around that time, he felt a need to start going to church again. It made sense to him to start going with his friend, who had invited him to those activities.

As Donald began learning about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith's First Vision, and the restored gospel, he felt the spirit as he applied what he had learned. Studying the scriptures and pondering them each day, he saw the difference in his life and in his relationships with his loved ones.

Acting in Faith

When we choose to live our lives in a way that will bring us closer to God, we choose to live our lives differently. Acting in faith is hard. It requires sacrifice and commitment of time and effort on our part. As we make decisions that bring us closer to Christ, going to church, taking the sacrament, and participating in saving ordinances, all help us grow in faith.

Donald’s faith was tested again when he felt a strong prompting to serve a mission. His mother, who had sacrificed so much to bring their family to the U.S. for better opportunities, insisted that Donald pursue his education first. In the midst of the unknown, he chose to act in faith. He continued to make choices that would help him accomplish both goals. He applied to Brigham Young University-Idaho, and he began working on his mission papers. Towards the end of this process, his mother simply wanted him to do what would make him happy. And he was prepared for two very important parts of his future. 

Letting God Lead the Way

Acting in faith is sometimes the best way to receive revelation. God guides us as we go, sometimes only with little lights to guide us along our way. The paths God will take us on will help us make changes and grow as we prepare ourselves to face them.

Donald's experiences on his mission further reinforced the principle that with God, every problem has a solution. God may not be the answer, but He will help you find it. He gives comfort when we need it most. He helps us understand our divine identities and potential. Missions are an amazing place to grow, develop a personal testimony of what you have experienced, and see God’s direct influence in our lives. 

Donald witnessed the Lord guiding him to solutions. These mission experiences laid a foundation for Donald to trust God's guidance in future challenges.

Fortifying Our Faith

Any good thing must be maintained and taken care of. If you want something to last and work well in life, you do not leave it to gather dust. Our faith is the same way. You cannot build it up only to leave it idle and unused. 

Donald recognized the importance of maintaining a strong spiritual foundation through daily scripture study, prayer, and temple attendance. He also learned that when one member of a family is called to serve, the whole family serves and sacrifices together. 

Donald has continued to see the Lord's hand guiding him and his family in ways that can build up their faith together. Time and again, he has learned that what may seem like coincidences are actually evidence of God's involvement in the details of our lives.

Seeking God's Will and Trusting His Path

Donald’s story helps us see how, no matter where we are in life, letting God be the guiding force in your life will help you become more than you thought you could be. Here are some things to keep in mind as you continue on your path of faith:

  • God is intimately involved in the details of your lives
  • With God, every problem has a solution
  • As we serve faithfully, God provides for our needs
  • What may seem like coincidences are often evidence of God's hand

If you find yourself struggling with doubts or facing challenges, remember that you are not facing your trials alone. Seek God's will for your life, trust in the path He leads you down, and have faith that He will guide you to solutions. Even if your faith is the size of a mustard seed, God will multiply it when you act on it. So, continue in faith, do what you can, and trust that God will make up the rest. 

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