Posted on Jun 21, 2024

Having the Faith to Go, See, and Change with Sean Luangrath

Having the Faith to Go, See, and Change with Sean Luangrath

Having the Faith to Go, See, and Change with Sean Luangrath

In this week's episode of the Why We Believe show, we are joined by Sean Luangrath. Sean is the CEO of a portable solar generator company. Sean and his family came to the United States as refugees from Laos when he was just six years old. Growing up, Buddhism was their family's religion and cultural tradition. However, while in refugee camps, Sean's parents were introduced to Christianity and were baptized. Later, after settling in California, missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began teaching Sean's family, leading to powerful experiences that would shape the course of Sean's life. 

Sean's story beautifully illustrates the profound impact the gospel can have when individuals and families embrace its teachings. His experiences demonstrate the transformative power of faith, not only in his own life but in the lives of all who earnestly seek truth. In the rest of this post, we'll explore four key parts of Sean's journey and the powerful lessons we can learn as a result of acting in faith.

The Gospel Brings Love

Sean shared that one of his earliest testimonies of the gospel came from witnessing the changes in his own family, especially his father after they joined the Church. Sean's dad, who was previously not very expressive or affectionate, quit smoking and drinking and became a more loving, involved father and husband as he lived gospel principles. 

Through the Church, Sean's parents learned more ways to teach and guide their children. Rather than cultural traditions of harsh discipline, they began showing increased love and using positive reinforcement. Sean felt that the gospel helped his father become a better man because it helped him choose to be a better man.

These changes had a profound impact on young Sean. Seeing the love the gospel fostered in his family was his first powerful witness that the Church was a good influence and that living its teachings led to peace and joy. Transforming his home environment through gospel living became fundamental to Sean's faith.

The Gospel is Meant to be Shared

At age 19, was called to the Australia Melbourne Mission Mandarin-speaking. Sean was assigned to work with the Chinese community there, largely made up of immigrants and refugees.

As a missionary, Sean focused on helping people come to Christ. Coming from a Buddhist background, Sean could relate to those who believed differently. He found joy in teaching, and as he did so, he recognized God’s love and felt the peace the gospel brought.

Daily sharing his beliefs as a missionary strengthened Sean's own testimony. Teaching others inspired Sean to ponder how he knew God was there and that Jesus Christ was his Savior. Sean's mission gave him spiritual experiences that solidified his witness of gospel truths. 

The Gospel Teaches the Atonement

Recently, Sean had the opportunity to serve in the leadership of a young single adult ward. As Sean served, he had powerful spiritual witnesses of God's love for His children and the reality of Christ's Atonement.

In counseling with ward members going through challenges, Sean often felt he was a conduit for Heavenly Father's love to these young adults. He was sometimes overcome with emotion as he experienced God's care for them. Sean's heart expanded as he conveyed God's love and saw it uplift and heal others.

He developed an unshakable testimony of the power of the Savior's Atonement as he saw it transform people’s lives. Working with individuals striving to change and come unto Christ, Sean witnessed the complete "180-degree" turnarounds people could make through repentance and coming to feel God's love and forgiveness.

Come and See

Sean's experiences show us that a testimony of the gospel is built line upon line as we live its teachings and open our hearts to God's love. Whether we see the impact of gospel principles on our families, share our beliefs with others, rely on the Lord in trials, or witness His love and the Atonement's power, each of us can come to know the joy and peace the gospel brings.

As Sean points out, all people are children of God, regardless of their background or circumstances. God wants us each to feel His love and experience the happiness that comes from living the gospel. Sean's invitation to "come and see" and learn of Christ is extended to all.

How have your experiences with “come and see” inspired your own testimony? And how could your experiences maybe help others?

Take a moment to ponder and perhaps write down some of these faith-building moments in your life. Consider sharing them with a family member or friend to lift them up and strengthen your own testimony. As we each live and share our faith, we will gain a deeper understanding of the power of the gospel and the impact it can make in our lives.

Thank you for joining us for this week's episode of Why We Believe! For more stories like this one, you can find more here!

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