Posted on Jun 07, 2024

Never Let a Faith Crisis Go to Waste

Never Let a Faith Crisis Go to Waste

In this week’s episode of Why We Believe, Stuart Draper, a successful entrepreneur and faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shared his inspiring story of faith and conversion. From a young age, Stuart's parents and church leaders played a significant role in helping him develop a strong testimony of the gospel. Despite the challenges he has faced throughout his life, including his daughter's ongoing health issues and his brother's temporary inactivity from the church, Stuart's faith has remained unshakable.

In the episode, Stuart mentions a thought-provoking idea shared by Jared Halverson on the Unshaken Saints podcast: "Never let a good faith crisis go to waste." This concept encourages individuals to view their faith crises as opportunities for growth and deeper understanding rather than as obstacles that threaten to destroy their beliefs. By embracing this mindset, we can navigate through our doubts and emerge with a stronger, more resilient faith.

The Power of Scripture Study and Prayer

One key factor that has helped Stu maintain his testimony is his dedication to daily scripture study and prayer. He credits his deacon's quorum leader, Scott Sauners, with instilling in him the importance of this habit at a young age. By consistently engaging with the scriptures and communicating with God, Stu has found answers to his questions and strengthened his faith.

Stu's experience highlights the transformative power of regular scripture study and prayer. When we prioritize these practices in our lives, we open ourselves up to receiving personal revelation and guidance from the Holy Ghost. During times of doubt or uncertainty, turning to the scriptures and prayer can provide the comfort, clarity, and direction we need to press forward in faith.

The Influence of Family and Church Leaders

Throughout my interview with him, Stu emphasized the crucial role that his parents and various church leaders played in his spiritual development. From his parents' unwavering example of faithfulness to the countless Sunday School teachers, seminary instructors, and home teachers who invested in his spiritual growth, Stu recognizes these individuals' impact on his testimony.

This serves as a reminder of the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who can support and encourage us in our faith journey. When facing a faith crisis, isolating ourselves or seeking out those who share our doubts can be tempting. However, by staying connected to family members, friends, and church leaders who are strong in the gospel, we can find the strength and guidance we need to navigate our challenges and come out stronger on the other side.

Eternal Families and the Plan of Salvation

Another central theme in Stu's story is his testimony of eternal families and the Plan of Salvation. Having witnessed the challenges faced by his niece with severe disabilities and the tragic loss of his young nephew to cancer, Stu finds comfort in the knowledge that families can be together forever through the sealing power of the temple.

When confronted with a faith crisis, losing sight of the bigger picture and the eternal truths that anchor our beliefs can be easy. We can find hope and perspective amidst our struggles by holding fast to our testimony of the Plan of Salvation and the promise of eternal families. Remembering that this life is just a small part of our eternal journey can help us approach our doubts and questions with patience, humility, and trust in God's divine plan.

Navigating Faith a Faith Crisis

Stuart Draper's story is a powerful reminder that faith crises while challenging, can ultimately lead to spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God. By following his example of consistent scripture study, prayer, and reliance on the support of family and church leaders, we can face our doubts head-on and emerge with a stronger, more resilient testimony.

As you navigate your own faith journey, always remember to:

  • Hold fast to the truths you already know
  • Seek answers through daily scripture study and prayer
  • Surround yourself with people who can support and encourage you in the gospel
  • Keep an eternal perspective and trust in God's plan for you and your family

By embracing the idea of never letting a faith crisis go to waste, you can view your challenges as opportunities for growth and allow them to refine and strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.

Key Takeaways

1. Stuart Draper's faith journey began with the examples set by his faithful parents and ancestors, who paved the way for him to develop a strong testimony at a young age.

2. Stu's personal conversion came through powerful spiritual experiences, such as feeling the Spirit during testimony meetings and learning to repent and seek forgiveness.

3. Consistent scripture study, a habit Stu developed at age 12, has been instrumental in his spiritual growth and helped him make better choices throughout his life.

4. Serving a mission in Argentina provided Stu with numerous experiences where he felt he was exactly where God wanted him to be, doing what God wanted him to do.

5. Stu's faith has carried him through difficult trials, such as his daughter's ongoing health struggles and watching his brother briefly step away from the Church.

6. A vivid dream and a powerful spiritual impression led Stu to recognize his wife, Lindsay, as his eternal companion shortly after they first met.

7. Stu's testimony of eternal families has been strengthened by the challenges faced by his niece with severe disabilities and the passing of his young nephew.

8. When struggling with faith, Stu advises holding fast to the principles and truths one already knows, recognizing that faith is a work in progress and that doubts can lead to spiritual growth.

9. The intricacies of the Earth, human body, and universe are evidence to Stu of a divine creator and a master plan for all of God's children.

10. Living the teachings of Jesus Christ and striving to be more like Him has brought true happiness and blessings to Stu's life and family.

Thank you for joining us for this episode. I pray Stu’s message of never letting a faith crisis go to waste that will strengthen your testimony to do the same.

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